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In cucina con lo chef partner ufficiale4

What is the diameter of Cupido Hot Plate?  35 cm

Does the condensation in the cover wet the food?  No it doesn't, because the cover is open, so heat escapes without creating excessive condensation; the few condansation is inside the cover without dripping onto the food.

What is the function of the cover?  The cover increases the effectiveness of Cupid Hot Plate because heat is not lost. Heat can circulate inside creating the innovative thermal chamber.

Is the cover essential?  The cover is useful because it increases the effectiveness of Cupid's Hot Plate, however, you can avoid it with high and big food like a Florentine steak, or with warm starters.

The cover, that covers the half part of the dish, can be unpleasant to see just served at the table?  Some people may like, others maby. To avoid criticism you can serve Cupido Hot Plate without cover and once presented to the customer you can proceed to cover it. However what is "different" but useful is attractive and the customer will remember the quality service that you offered to him.

At what temperature should be the oven to make the slabs hot?  From 150 ° C to 300 ° C. Higher is temperature and less time the slabs need to reach the great temperature of 100 ° C.

How long does it take to heat the slabs?  At a high temperature (300 ° C) 5 minutes, otherwise 8/10 minutes.

While eating, is burning a risk?  No it isn't, Cupido Hot Plate is designed to be safe. The edge does not burn unlike the inner slab, so there is no risk to be burned.

Does the waiter risks to get burned while bringing Cupido Hot Plate at the table?  No he doesn't, because the base is not heated in the oven, and then doesn't burn as the slab. Its shape allows it to be taken without problems, thanks to the insulating base.

Can the slabs be warmed on the flame?  No they can't. Despite being bone china, the more resistant porcelain in the world, it doesn't withstand a very high thermal shock as the flame, so are likely to get injured.

Does the slabs rotate inside the base?  They don't run, because food doesn't stick on the porcelain, so you can carry it with cutlery toward you. If necessary you can lift the cover to look inside the heating chamber.

How long foods maintain a high temperature?  For the first 20 minutes you can taste every kind of food warm and tasty as if it just served to your table. After 20 minutes the heat subsides, but the food remains highly attractive.

Does the food continue to cook once served on Cupido Hot Plate?  No it doesn't, because most foods have higher firing temperatures. The slabs reaches 100 °C, a temperature that doesn't preclude the cooking level preferred by the chef.

Can I wash it in the dishwasher?  Yes you can, because porcelain bone china withstand thousands of washings in the dishwasher, without suffering scratches or damage which preclude the use or shine.

How much space is there between the slab and the cover?  The space is 3 cm, which is ideal to serve any kind of food with the exception of tall workpieces such as the Florentine steak, for example. However, if you have tall but not very large pieces, they can be arranged on the half dish not covered.

What kind of foods can be served with Cupido Hot Plate?  Any kind of food that requires heat to be tasted as good as possible.

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