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Cupido Hot Plate is the best thermal dish of the world.It can keep heat and flavors until the last bite.It's made of porcelain of the highest quality bone china, renowned for brilliance and strength to thousands of washings in the dishwasher.Cupido Hot Plate is composed by three elements: the base, the slab and the cover.The thermal properties of porcelain allow the slab to absorb heat quickly and release it slowly, providing food continuous heat.Cupido Hot Plate is designed to be practical and quick to be used.You can grip the plate without scorching, thanks to the edge of the base which is separated from the hot slab.You will be very satisfied and surprised about quality of food experience!Any imperfections aren't defects, but characteristics of the handwork.Technical dataMaterial: porcelain bone chinaColor: white Diameter: 35 cmThickness: 5.5 cmWeight: 3,5 kg


Every Cupido Hot Plate is protected by a polystyrene to avoid damages during the transport.

The supply of Cupido Hot Plate is by agreement courier across Europe.

Material: porcelain bone china

Color: white

Brand: Cupido

         food contact safe


            dishwasher safe

            thermal shock/oven safe   

            no contact with fire    

food contact
Dishwasher safe
oven safe
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Cupido Hot Plate gives to foods important features:  

ALWAYS WARM: food keep a high temperature for 20 minutes, ideal for an excelent meal hot until the last bite.

ALWAYS TASTY:the continuous heat allows the meal to keep an authentic taste.

MORE DIGESTIBLE: warm food is more digestible than others that become cold after a few minutes.

REDUCES STRESS: eating slowly is a good habit, so you can reduce stress if you know that foods don't lose heat.


Cupido Hot Plate is made of bone china, the highest quality of porcelain, a material resistant to high temperatures, thermal shock and thousands of washings in the dishwasher. The SLAB has important thermal properties: it is able to absorb heat quickly and to release it very slowly. Cupido Hot Plate is a food contact product: SGS certificate.


Cupido Hot Plate is designed and planned in order to give food-experience the highest quality:
- soqhisticated and unique design
- effective and durable material
- easy way to use it

have allowed Cupido Hot Plate to obtain:
- Italian Patent as Utility Model
- Community Design
- Trademark of European Union.


You can eat slowly your meal while you talk with your friends. Your food-experience will be the best because you know that food will be warm until the last bite! Your friends will be surprised from Cupido Hot Plate, an elegant way to share unforgettable moments. 

Cupido hot plate
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